Ericsson Fronthaul 6000 builds centralized RAN architectures in dense urban areas where both capacity and equipment footprint are critical. Fronthaul 6000 is a flexible and cost-efficient, active and passive fiber fronthaul solution for (e)CPRI transmission and offers to outperform fiber-density, capacity and latency characteristics to reach cutting-edge 5G radio performance, even in the most critical deployment areas.

Fronthaul 6000 passive

Fronthaul 6000 passive

  • Provides DWDM filters for 24 services over a single fiber
  • Standalone applications or combined with the active boxes
  • Support any network topology
  • Meets the requirements on low possible cost and small footprint
Fronthaul 6000 active

Fronthaul 6000 active

  • Provides Transponders and Management
  • High density variants with low footprint
  • Supports (e)CPRI, OBSAI and Ethernet protocols
  • Speeds up to 25Gbit/s
  • Meets the requirements of very low latency (<0.5 μs)
Fronthaul 6392

Fronthaul 6392

  • Provides wireless fronthaul
  • Outdoor application only, E-band (70/80GHz)
  • 2.5/10 Gbps capacity for CPRI option 3 & 7
  • < 20 μs latency


Flexible topologies

  • Highest flexibility to build C-RAN, support all topologies, and uses active/passive fiber WDM transmission

Flexible building practices

  • Indoor and outdoor variants with Ericsson Radio System building practices supporting rail-mount

High performance

  • High fiber-density and capacity at extremely low latency, offering best radio performance at an efficient cost


Fronthaul 6000 Active

Ericsson Fronthaul 6000 active solution implements managed CPRI, eCPRI, OBSAI and Ethernet networking over WDM - when passive solution is not enough and management, demarcation and high ...

Fronthaul 6000 Passive

Mobile traffic volumes are expected to increase exponentially through 2020 and beyond. The evolution of LTE to LTE-Advanced and 5G will increasingly demand higher capacity and lower latency ...