Ericsson Indoor Planner

Ericsson Indoor planner is a high level design tool developed for the Ericsson 3GPP indoor small cell solutions i.e. RBS6402 and Radio Dot System. It helps early sales and design scenario planning activities, reducing the time for initial design and quoting from weeks down to days or even hours.

Ericsson Indoor Planner calculates equipment placement (RBS 6402 radios, Radio Dots, switches, baseband units, and Indoor Radio Units) based on state-of-the-art proprietary radio network simulation algorithms provided by Ericsson Research. It supports WCDMA and LTE FDD + TDD access technologies. It uses an innovative image recognition algorithm for modelling buildings' interior structures and materials. It also provides creation of Bill of Material for budgetary planning and ordering.

Key benefits

  •  An app-based tool that runs on iOS platforms
  •  Developed for indoor small cell design
  •  Easy to use and configure

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