Ericsson Indoor

Key benefits

  • Industry's best performing small cell portfolio
  • Fully integrated with Ericsson Radio System
  • Small cells are 5G and IoT ready, support multi-operator and unlicenced deployment

To meet the high requirements of network subscribers and tackle the challenges of urbanizing environments, we need to take a new approach towards network performance. Small Cells alone can improve the network performance in certain areas, but integrated Small Cells (macro and small cells combined) deliver higher per-user capacity and rate coverage everywhere, with the potential to improve performance in the macro network by offloading the traffic generated in hotspots.

Our ambition is to create a wireless environment where both indoor and outdoor networks perform perfectly and seamlessly, enabling the best end-user experience. This is made possible through a holistic view of the network and by securing performance across all radio network layers (macro and small cells) for multiple bands and standards.


Radio Dot System

Key benefits

  • Industry's highest performing indoor radio system
  • Seamless evolution path to 5G with CBRS, LAA and MIMO support
  • Fast and easy ...

RBS 6402

Key benefits

  • 10 minutes to Network-live in
  • 300 Mbps LTE carrier aggregation
  • 9 bands in one unit

The RBS 6402 is a high performance indoor pico cell offering ...

Indoor Planner

Key benefits

  •  App-based tool that runs on iOS platforms
  •  Developed for indoor small cell design
  •  Easy to use and configure ...