Ericsson Lightpole Site

Our Zero Site solution models are multi-application pole solutions that support municipalities and utilities in gaining new revenues from site leasing, and installing LED lighting to meet their sustainability goals. The solution also enables network operators to meet citizens’ demand for connectivity everywhere to everything.

Product description

Our Zero Site addresses two major issues facing cities across the globe. One is that the world’s urban population is growing at the rate of 7,500 people per hour, creating an increasing need for basic services such as mobile broadband and app coverage and street lighting. The other key issue is the challenge faced by operators and utilities trying to acquire sites in dense urban environments.

Our solution makes bulk site acquisition possible in cities, and also supports mass deployment. Our concept is to integrate small cells solution with streetlight poles to provide optimal urban coverage with minimal visual impact.

Municipalities tend to be willing to provide space for multi-application usage, and in cooperation with a utility company or the lighting provider, cities can reduce OPEX via LED lighting modernization and meet their sustainability goals, which can generate energy savings of 50-80 percent.

With our solution, municipalities and utilities can explore multiple opportunities for fresh revenue streams from site lease to operators and other utilities. On account of its modular make-up, the solution allows for the addition of innovative applications to be housed in and on the smart pole. Potential functionalities such as car power-charging system, parking meter, city map, advertisement boards, environmental sensors (e.g. measure air quality), and surveillance equipment.

The Zero Site also accelerates the payback time for the establishment of city infrastructure, by making the up-front costs of installing and managing systems more affordable, thus reducing the strain on municipal budgets.

Lightpole Sites

Lightpole Site Large

This is a multi application model for improved connectivity and sustainable lightning within urban areas. It is cost-effective, has a short time to market and is easily deployed and mass deployed.

  • Addresses the increasing needs for improved network coverage and sustainable street lighting.
  • Goes to market together with Philips.
  • Facilitates the acquirement of sites in dense, urban environments.
  • Hides remote radio units and antennas inside the pole and macro radios, baseband units, transmission equipment, extra capacity, power, batteries and additional equipment underneath.
  • Operates as greenfield deployment in restricted areas and as a smart light pole site solution in newly developed townships.

Lightpole Site Slim

This invisible radio site lets small cells complement the macro network to provide better coverage in urban areas. The streetlight pole blends in with the environment and allows for reuse of existing equipment.

  • Grants municipalities by utilizing revenue from site leasing.
  • Enables bulk acquisition and mass deployment of sites.
  • Drives economic growth through improved wireless access.
  • Reduces the strain on city budgets by accelerating the payback time for city infrastructure investments.
  • Suits cities with poor app coverage and cities that have long lead-times for operators to acquire small cells sites.
  • Improves the telecom infrastructure.
  • Lets network operators meet citizens’ demands for connectivity everywhere to everything.
  • Allows for reuse of existing assets.

Energy efficiency is key to Zero Site

Today there are 100 times more lampposts in the world than there are telecom sites. Streetlight poles are everywhere in cities; public lighting may account for up to 50 percent of a city’s electricity bill. Outdoor lighting is 20-30 percent of this. There is also a technology shift taking place in the industry, with some 500 million outdoor luminaires that are more than 20 years old and need updating. Our Zero Site offers city officials an innovative way to integrate LED lights in the same pole to provide power savings (OPEX) of 50-80 percent in the city.

Why choose us?

We are the most experienced vendor in this area and a number of Zero Sites have been deployed since 2014 on four continents. We work together with Philips, municipalities, utilities and operators to build smart, successful cities. Our Zero Site solution models are designed to be deployed in just a few hours in a city environment.

Worldwide coverage

Citizens demand connectivity to everything everywhere, and they are in favour of aesthetics and non-visual pollution. Our Zero Site blends into the city environment and is easily accepted, with happily connected citizens benefiting from improved mobile network coverage for data communications and enhanced safety with LED-lit streets.

More information

Contact your nearest Ericsson sales team for more information about Zero Site.