Ericsson Radio System Solutions

Ericsson's Radio System portfolio offers many strong and attractive solutions that benefit all radio access technologies. Radio System Solutions bring together tailor-made parts from the RAN domain to improve the user experience in all possible deployment scenarios.

Key benefits

  • Tailor-made solutions for hot spots as well as for rural coverage
  • Multi-standard energy efficient solutions
  • Pure software enabled spectrum sharing


Licensed Assisted Access

Licensed Assisted Access (LAA) is a key milestone on the road to 5G, delivering speeds of above 1 Gbps. LAA is an LTE feature that leverages the free 5 GHz unlicensed band in combination with ...

Shared Carrier

Ericsson Shared Carrier with automatic sharing

With the continuously growing LTE capacity and coverage needs, operators want to introduce LTE in their existing GSM and WCDMA bands and are looking for ways to maximize the spectrum ...

Cloud RAN

Key benefits

  • Flexible Cloud RAN deployment ensures good baseband coordination for strong network performance
  • Distributed, centralized, elastic, and virtual ...

Rural Coverage

  • Optimized solutions to effectively cover large rural areas, connecting the unconnected
  • Psi Coverage: quickly and cost-efficiently builds coverage for mobile broadband in rural ...

Gigabit LTE

Gigabit LTE is a major milestone on the road to 5G. By offering 1 Gbps and beyond, operators can meet the need for LTE capacity and speed as users quickly adopt new apps, consume and share content ...

LTE Broadcast

LTE broadcast is a mature, proven and powerful solution for operators to develop and explore new business opportunities such as media delivery, video broadcast, event venue experience, ...

Energy Efficiency

With a great part of energy consumption originating from the radio access network (RAN), it is a crucial to focus for energy performance improvements.

Our intelligent RAN energy-saving ...

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