Remote Site Management

Networks are evolving and the challenges when managing radio sites are not decreasing. Energy is becoming the third biggest OPEX for mobile operators and the number of sites visits are increasing year after year. This due to the addition of new site equipment and the maintenance they require.

In the opposite direction, the pressure for reduced energy consumption is on together with the need for clear visibility of what is installed on all the sites of the network, all the time. Off-grid sites demand an efficient management of the power assets such as batteries and power generators, so their lifespan can be maximized. All of this should be done on all the sites and monitored 24/7. How can this be achieved without increasing and possibly even reducing the number of site visits?

Ericsson Remote Site Management addresses these challenges. It is a complete solution that enables the control and supervision of site equipment such as batteries, security systems, power systems and many others, by means of sensors that provide constant information to the Site Controller - a site IoT enabler, which is connected to a management platform that allows not only supervision but also analytics, enabling proactive measures.

Working more pro-actively leads to a protection of revenues. Network quality is improved by reducing downtime, causing an improved end-user experience. It also decreases OPEX due to fewer truck rolls and reduces CO2 emission, turning operations not only more efficient but also greener. 

By ensuring optimized energy consumption for different energy sources like Grid, Diesel, Solar, Wind, Fuel Cells etc., energy bills are reduced. 

Battery life can also be prolonged through efficient battery tests and energy management. Remote Site Management addresses not only OPEX but also optimizes CAPEX in this case.

Surveillance also increases security, monitoring and control of the radio site.

Ericsson Remote Site Management is based on the Ericsson Site Controller (ESC) that can be located at each radio base station or central office site. The ESC is a flexible device including a wide variety of interfaces for site equipment.

On top of that, the control and supervision for each site of the network is done remotely via the Ericsson Site Controller Manager, which can be a stand-alone application in the cloud, suitable for Infrastructure Companies, or as an integrated application within the Ericsson Network Management System (ENM / OSS-RC), applicable to the mobile network operators scenario. 

The Multi-Vendor Management System displays large amounts of site information in an easy-to-grasp manner and provides a complete overview and control of dedicated sites as well as the whole Network.

Site Management made simple!