Split Mount Shorthaul

Microwave indoor units for split configurations ranging from compact nodes for cell sites to high density node for aggregation sites and all indoor units for trunk applications.

Indoor units

The nodes use plug-in units, which make it easy to customize configurations and make future upgrades. The full range of MINI-LINK outdoor units can easily be combined in many different ways: traditional frequencies (6-42 GHz), V-band 60 GHz, E-band 70/80 GHz, single and dual carrier, Coax and Ethernet interface.

MINI-LINK Indoor units consists of:

A network node for the future requires high node capacity which means high capacity for switch, radio links and interfaces. The MINI-LINK 6691/92 has a market leading switch capacity of 90 Gbps and can easily connect up to 16 radio link directions, in a very compact form factor. With 1, 2.5 and 10 GE interfaces, fiber rings and multi-Gbps E-band links can easily be connected to the node. The node supports radio links with high modulation of 4096 QAM and is prepared for future high capacity MIMO capabilities, which makes it well positioned on the road to 5G. The latest edition, MINI-LINK 6651, is an compact and cost-efficient end-node with dual carriers. It has 1 and 2.5 GE as well as E1 interfaces and has 10 Gbps switching capacity.
MINI-LINK TN is designed as a network product and it behaves as one network element per site, even though it handles multiple radio-links in several different directions. It is possible to modernize and expand the equipment without adding more complexity. It also offers a cost effective solution onTDM to packet migration. The product is future proof with new NPU1 D with higher switch capacities, 10 G interfaces and IP routing functionality and with new MMU4 A supporting 4096 QAM and prepared for MIMO.
MINI-LINK CN is a compact and easy to install microwave transmission node built with simplicity in mind. MINI-LINK CN is optimized for end sites, single hops, and enterprise networks.

MINI-LINK LH is the Trunk product and it provides up to 4 Gbps over one antenna and is well suited for Mobile Backhaul. MINI-LINK LH contains an integrated high capacity Ethernet switch and Carrier Grade Quality of Service well suited for LTE and the evolution to all-IP. Slots in the Access Module Magazine that are not used for the long haul radio link can be fitted with any type of short haul modems from MINI-LINK TN for TDM/SONET or Ethernet traffic. This integration reduces floor space, power consumption and number of network elements.

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