Authentication Federation Gateway

With the introduction of 4G radio networks and new IMS services like Voice over LTE (VoLTE), most Operators face new security requirements on their IP based services. The new authentication mechanisms have to be both secure and simple for the end-users. The Authentication Federation Gateway capitalizes on the security features of the SIM for a strong authentication.  


With the great value and the speed with which smart devices, mobile apps, and cloud-based services have been adopted indicates that mobile is here to stay. These new large shifts will continue to emerge as people and organizations are embracing the mobile changes.

Authentication, Trust and Security are among the most familiar words that come forward from market research when analysing the new mobile generation. As we embrace the mobile and digital revolutions, threats and vulnerabilities will also be identified. Our Product Line is focused on developing Mobile and Web Based Authentication solutions, 3G/4G SIM-based or SoftSIM based mechanisms.

From basic Single Sign On (SSO) to Strong Authentication, these solutions can be used for mobile communication and enterprise use that are using classic or cloud based deployments. Authentication is critical for all of us at personal or organizational levels. Combining the power of all the existing and new technologies to enhance your trust and our peace of mind is our main driver. As the Digital era settles even deepler into our life, demand for authentication, trust and security solutions will evolve. Authentication and Digital ID product line will develop, enhance and produce new mobile trusted and more secure platforms to ensure trust and security also evolve.