Ericsson Cloud DVR

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    We are Cloud DVR leaders. Our Cloud DVR solution powers over 50% of all Pay TV cloud DVR deployments worldwide today. Our unique, proven solution allows operators to deliver next generation time-shifted TV services cost efficiently and at scale with 100% reliability.

    What is Cloud DVR?

    Cloud DVR is quite simply, digital video recording capabilities deployed from the cloud - whether the Pay TV Operator's network or a third party cloud service. This means that Pay TV subscribers can record live content and shows using storage in the operator’s or third party provider’s network, instead of on the hard drive in the subscriber’s home DVR Set-Top-box (STB). These recorded shows can be watched anywhere, on any device, at any time. Live, VOD and recorded content can now be stored indefinitely, delivered to legacy STB, and Over-the-Top to all of the subscriber’s mobile devices. Additional services such as Pause Live TV, Record in the Past, Rewind, Start Over and Catch-up TV are also possible. The number of tuners and parallel recordings are virtually unlimited and provisioned on the fly.

    Cloud DVR is Critical for Operators

    The ability to record and watch live TV content anytime is rated a top 5 priority by Pay TV subscribers. 36% of subscribers also place-shift their TV viewing throughout the day. Already plenty of VOD services such as Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go provide the ability to time shift and place shift content on any screen. Subscribers now expect place/time/device/session shifting to be part of their Pay TV viewing experience.

    The traditional DVR at home is just not enough anymore. Live TV content must be stored, processed, and delivered from the cloud so that subscribers can access it anytime, from anywhere, on any device. This benefits operators as well since it reduces the cost of the set-top box and maintenance, and reduces truck rolls to the subscriber home. It also opens up new potential revenues through upsell opportunities to subscribers.

    Cloud DVR Challenges

    With migration to the cloud comes a host of challenges for operators.

    Storage is the foremost concern. In a private copy solution, recordings can’t be shared. A single, unique copy must be saved per user. The traditional datacenter required for this volume is very complex and difficult to maintain. For example, a telecom operator with 100,000 subscribers could be dealing with 33 Petabytes of data.

    In addition, performance requirements are significant. Throughput will come into play because unlike a VOD system, subscribers are not only streaming a program but recording as well. The potential is for 30-40% recording concurrency at peak times, like prime time, or during popular programs. Playout concurrency is also much higher than typical VOD applications with cDVR, typically spread over a 72 hour window after the recordings. A classic implementation of Cloud DVR typically has a very complex architecture with multiple single purpose server farms, a huge datacenter of dedicated storage servers, and all of the interconnects to make it work. This makes for inefficient, complicated solutions that are not cost effective.

    The Ericsson Cloud DVR Solution

    At Ericsson, we make Cloud DVR strategies and solutions simpler. The core of our solution is our “Video Storage and Processing Platform”, which integrates and virtualizes the storage and processing capabilities of as many Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) servers as needed into a unified, high performance, software-based Cloud DVR infrastructure. The support of multi-vendor COTS servers reduces costs and allows easy scalability and the distributed RAID offers 100% resilience. Combined with elements of Ericsson’s TV portfolio or any third party vendors, we can implement a complete Cloud DVR ecosystem.

    Unlike competitors, we offer a scale out software solution that runs on generic x86 servers with direct attached storage. This is clustered through commoditized switches. Once unified, all available processing resources are leveraged to perform distributed computing. Eliminating all silos, our load balancing ensures that proper CPU is provided for all functions. Video is broken into small chunks and wide striped across all servers.

    From our experience, we know that all deployments are unique and require adaptations to fit an operator’s specific needs and custom integrations to fit into the operator’s specific workflows. Our global multidisciplinary services team of 1800+ professionals provides the expertise to simplify the design, develop and deploy the Cloud DVR solution that is right for you. We partner with you to provide all the necessary skills at scale to ensure delivery across all aspects of service design, integration, and operations of the Cloud DVR solution as well as competence shift management after completion of the project.

    Benefits of Our Solution

    The Ericsson focus on simplifying Cloud DVR enables a wide array of benefits to operators:

    • Simplified architecture
      • Storage plus compute in one namespace
      • Integrated workflows
      • Better performance
    • Simplified solutions
      • Hardware agnostic
      • Software based
      • API based
      • Integrates with other Ericsson solutions or with other vendors of your choice
    • Simpler maintenance
      • No single point of failure
      • 100% resilience with distributed RAID
      • Comprehensive diagnostics suite
    • Simple economics
      • Positive ROI for private copy in less than 10 months of commercial deployment
      • Reduce number of servers needed by 40%
      • Use cheaper COTS servers
      • Doubles to triple DVR revenues through extensible (unlimited) devices, recordings, and playbacks
      • Scale-out storage as needed, per subscriber, for as many subscribers as needed

    We are Cloud DVR Experts

    With commercial deployments at some of the largest TV operators in the world, we are the world’s leading experts on Cloud DVR solutions. Here are some of our significant accomplishments:

    • First commercial deployment of Cloud DVR in the world
    • Over 50% of the world’s Cloud DVR deployments are powered by Ericsson
    • Over 150 PB of storage deployed
    • 600 channels in another implementation, offering virtually unlimited number of tuners

    With a recent history of 50+ transformation programs delivered as Prime Integrator globally, Ericsson Consulting and Systems Integration services represents the perfect combination of competence, scale and presence that helps TV and Media organizations meet their goals. With a global team of media experts ready to take on the most complex media transformation project, Ericsson is a leader in Cloud DVR deployment and services, having performed multiple deployments and having ongoing trials with major Tier 1 operators around the world.