Ericsson Device Connection Platform

    The Ericsson Device Connection Platform (DCP) is a cloud service enabling operators to offer connectivity management to enterprise customers. It enables operators to address new revenue streams from a vast variety of devices while simplifying the process and reducing the cost of connecting them. The platform supports operators in building up the M2M business from three perspectives, managed connectivity through the life cycle, sales preparation and business expansion.

    Managed connectivity through the device life cycle

    Ericsson Device Connection Platform is a dedicated M2M platform to handle connectivity management, subscription management and OSS/BSS and allows for automation of the business processes between the operator and enterprises. The platform supports enterprises’ business critical communication for a high number of devices and applications in a wide range of industry verticals efficiently. The platform offering comprises:

    • Basic functionality delivered as a service (DCP aaS) from our production sites including hardware, software and the right to use licenses.
    • Service portals and APIs for operators and enterprises for managing business related processes.
    • Initial setup towards Ericsson Device Connection Platform.
    • Solution analysis providing advice to the operator based on its environment.
    • Training package for the operator.

    Supporting operators' sales preparation

    In addition to providing the technology platform we are committed to develop a joint collaboration to get operators’ sales & marketing teams ready to secure deals. We provide a go-to-market program including everything operators’ sales and marketing force needs to meet rapid success.

    Go-to-market program
    In addition to a great product offering, operators must be ready to meet the business critical requirements to ensure success. Working with many operators around the world, we share a set of best practices highly relevant to meet success and provide the sales and marketing collaterals needed to win business.

    Local sales development support
    After the initial setup and launch, we can provide local sales development support, assisting the operator in the efforts to sell M2M connectivity to enterprises including e.g. value based selling and lead generation activities.

    Expanding operators' M2M business

    To further grow the business and increase the value of the offering we support by:

    • Growing the sales funnel by operators leveraging on the enterprise customer relations of our strategic partners.
    • Enriching operators offering by pre-integrated solutions of M2M eco-system partners and Ericsson Device Connection Platform.
    • Lowering the acquisition costs for new customers using the trial kit capabilities of Ericsson Device Connection Platform.
    • Ensuring short time to revenue by managing quality & performance of the M2M offer with Ericsson M2M Device & Application Verification Service.

    Ericsson Device Connection Platform offering

    Ericsson Device Connection Platform offering