Ericsson Enterprise Communication

The pace of technological change accelerates, enabling the digitalization of industries. Digitalization opens for new, innovative and disruptive business models. Digitalization transforms the industries globally and not only their business models, it also changes their operations, introducing new and agile delivery capabilities to reach a broader ecosystem of customers and partners.

At the same time is the mobile networks changing. VoLTE is being rolled out in many countries, and new features and functionalities like multi-device, multi-persona, and RCS are evolving. This is impacting traditional Unified Communication (UC) systems used to the limited capabilities of voice and SMS. Now these systems need to evolve in order to take advantage of the new consumer communication paradigm. Ericsson is set out to make this easy for both service providers and UC vendors.

Ericsson Enterprise Communication solutions focused on helping service providers to offer differentiated offerings to their business customers.


VoLTE for Unified Communication

By extending Ericsson’s VoLTE solution with business communication and collaboration capabilities, building on the operator’s existing and future enterprise capabilities, service ...


Service Number Application

Ericsson Service Number Application enables telecom operators to support enterprise customers with a highly featured and flexible service number offering at extreme short time to ...

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

business applications, bcs, headset, mobile phone, computer, laptop

The Ericsson Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software based solution to define a Virtual Private Network from existing physical telecommunications network elements, offering ...

Contextual Communication Cloud

Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud is a service provider offering targeting large enterprises that want to reap the benefits of process integrated communication or build new IoT/5G ...