Keep customers happy by speeding services to market and getting service fulfillment right, every time.

    Fulfillment Overview

    Service fulfillment is a critical link in an operator’s process chain. It triggers a cascade of OSS/BSS system and process hand-offs that all have to happen correctly for a satisfying customer experience. If anything goes wrong, you risk alienating customers and creating inefficiencies that carry over to all your other operations.

    Getting it right has taken on added importance as competition increases and customers expect more and more innovative service offerings. Keeping customers satisfied is driving operators to greater collaboration with third parties, who bring new and exciting possibilities to service creation. But they also bring added complexity to the creation process, order management and service delivery.

    Ericsson OSS/BSS service fulfillment solutions are designed to streamline and simplify offer creation and automate fulfillment processes. Our catalog- and component-based approach helps you better manage the entire product and order lifecycle, giving you the service agility you need across all the process areas involved, from planning to provisioning to activation. So you can more quickly generate the products customers want, reduce service order fallout and make the most of your assets.

    Introduce More Services with More Reliable Fulfillment

    In today’s broadband marketplace, you know that standing still means falling behind. Gaining an edge on the competition and keeping customers satisfied takes a level of agility that can only be reached through a new approach to how services are brought to market.

    Ericsson service fulfillment solutions let you deliver more services and deliver them better and faster. They help you leap forward in service agility and delight customers at every step of the product lifecycle.


    Service Provisioning

    By taking your entire operation into account and using automated processes, we make your Service Provisioning flow effective in meeting user demand for services in today’s complex networks.

    Network Inventory Management

    Network Inventory Management collates all network infrastructure data and keeps it up to date, helping to streamline processes that improve operational performance.

    Service Innovation Framework

    Develop new services, bundles and business models rapidly, economically and collaboratively with the Ericsson Service Innovation Framework solution for service agility.