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    IP for the Networked Society enables service providers to grow their businesses profitably. It allows them to create and offer differentiating services with agility and efficiency. The constant development of new mobile devices, new cloud applications and new IP technologies brings tremendous opportunities for operators to expand in such areas as M2M and other business models.

    Video of the month: Cisco and Ericsson: Creating the networks of the future. Ericsson President and CEO Hans Vestberg and Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins discuss how this partnership came to life.


    Microwave backhaul gests a boost

    10 hot consumer trends 2016

    Microwave backhaul gets a boost

    As the performance level demands on services like mobile broadband continue to rise, networks are going to need some innovative tools. Multiband booster is one such method.

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     10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016

    Check the most important consumer trends for 2016 and beyond identified by Ericsson ConsumerLab.

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    Ericsson Mobility Report

     The Programmable Network Cloud

    Ericsson Mobility Report

    Ericsson Mobility Report provides insight into the future of 5G networks, including a forecast of 150 million 5G mobile subscriptions by 2021. Check also the Mobile Business Trends.

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    The Programmable Network Cloud

    By leveraging the power of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), the Programmable Network Cloud enables operators to transcend the boundaries of the traditional data center without compromising quality.

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    Flexibility in 5G transport networks

     Microwave towards 2020

    Flexibility in 5G transport networks

    To ensure that networks will be able to cope with the varied landscape of future services, a tight integration between 5G radio, transport networks, and cloud infrastructures is required. Find out more in this Ericsson Tech Review article.

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    Microwave towards 2020

    In 2020, 65% of all cell sites will be connected with microwave solutions. The choice between fiber and microwave in backhaul networks will not be about capacity, it will be about fiber presence and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). To find out more read the Microwave towards 2020 report.

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    Virtual Evolved Packet Core

    We are industrializing network functions virtualization (NFV) for improved deployment flexibility, built for the most ...

    Wi-Fi Calling

    Wi-Fi calling enables a simple and cost efficient way to extend operator voice coverage. It could also be used to allow more affordable ways to communicate when traveling abroad. With Wi-Fi ...

    Dynamic Service Chaining

    Dynamic Service Chaining

    Ericsson’s approach to Software Defined Networking (SDN) is to transform networks into an agile, on demand, and application-responsive entity. The Ericsson Dynamic ...

    Evolved IP Network

    The Evolved IP Network features comprehensive, integrated and verified IP transport solutions for network operators. Each solution reduces complexity, accelerates time to market, and provides ...

    Fiber Network Deployment

    Today’s digital life is expanding into more areas of society and business. When one person is connected their life changes and when everything is connected our world changes. In the ...

    Service-Aware Charging and Control (SACC)

    Charging, banking

    The visibility and control made possible by the Service-Aware Charging and Control solution is vital in today's rapidly growing market of mobile data traffic and new multimedia services.

    A vision of the 5G core

    A vision of 5G core

    Next-generation 5G networks will cater for a wide range of new business opportunities. The ability to provide customized connectivity will enable many industries to bring new products and services to market rapidly and adapt to fast-changing demands.

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    Ericsson Service Provider SDN

    Service Provider SDN

    As we move toward the Networked Society, ample opportunities exist for the network operator, who will be at the center of connecting billions of devices and people. The cloud, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are all part of this transformation Journey.

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