Ericsson Massive IoT

    Ericsson is launching new software for Massive IoT on existing LTE network and this new software addresses the massive number of IoT devices and diversity of their connectivity requirements. The software includes key features enabling cellular networks to support applications such as Smart Cities, Smart Metering, Smart Agriculture.

    IoT market outlook

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is a rapidly growing segment and by 2021 we expect that there will be 28 billion connected devices - of which 15 billion are IoT connected devices including M2M devices like meters, sensors and consumer-electronics like wearables.

    IoT use case diversity

    The Massive IoT market segment or so called Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) is emerging with characteristics of small data volumes, roll-out in massive numbers with low complexity low cost devices and quite possibly embedded with no access to on-grid power.  The use-case category includes monitoring, tracking and automation via a large number of sensors, meters and actuators, used widely in different industries. The potential applications for IoT run into the millions, with huge variance in requirements around cost, battery life, coverage, connectivity performance (throughput and capacity), security and reliability, etc.

    Key challenges

    The key challenges to enabling large-scale uptake of Massive IoT include:

    • Device cost
    • Device Battery life
    • Deep indoor Coverage
    • Scalability – massive number of IoT devices
    • Diversity of use case connectivity requirements

    Ericsson Networks Software 17A for Massive IoT

    Ericsson is addressing these challenges with a targeted new suite of software, supporting millions of IoT device connections per cell site. The new network software introduces narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), to existing LTE network infrastructure, enabling ultra-low-cost, lowe-complexity device support and improved coverage.  Additionally, the network software introduces power-saving functionality for NB-IoT and LTE-M, allowing for more than 10-year device battery lifetime.

    A full range of cellular LPWA solutions for Massive IoT

    No single technology or solution is ideally suited to all the different potential Massive IoT applications, market situations and spectrum availability. As a result, Ericsson provides a full range of LPWA solutions for Massive IoT including previously launched Extended Coverage GSM (EC-GSM), and currently launched LTE Machine-type Communication (LTE-M) and narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) as a family of solutions. The solutions are complementary and address the diversity of LPWA IoT use case requirements and deployment scenarios while making best use of existing networks.

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