Mobile Financial Services

    Access a mobile commerce platform that easily connects to existing ecosystems worldwide — so you can offer secure access to mobile money and create new sources of revenue.

    M-Commerce Overview

    There’s no shortage of mobile commerce platforms in the marketplace today. But most of these first generation deployments lack the scalability, flexibility and security you need to create comprehensive mobile services for your customers. That’s why so many mobile wallets get activated but remain inactive—and unprofitable.

    Ericsson M-Commerce solutions can help. Our comprehensive and interconnected services and products are built on a scalable and secure open platform—so you can offer flexible plans and competitive prices to people everywhere, including more than a billion mobile users who don’t have bank accounts.  

    Connect Mobile Customers to a World of Financial Services

    Ericsson M-Commerce solutions connect you to a global financial network that makes it easy to bundle telecom and financial services into unique and flexible offerings. From international fund transfers to local retail purchases, your customers can easily send, spend and receive money right from their mobile devices. And with the infrastructure to handle complex regulatory requirements across every region, our mobile commerce offerings are as easy for you to manage as they are for your customers to use.


    Ericsson Wallet Platform
    Easily turn mobile devices into a convenient and secure way to send, spend, and receive money – even when customers don’t have bank accounts.

    Converged Wallet
    Tap into two billion users through our charging platform and reuse your own existing assets to bundle telecom and financial services into an integrated mobile wallet solution.

    M-Commerce Interconnect
    Access our global clearinghouse and international remittance hub to expand the reach and revenue of mobile wallets by making them both domestically and internationally interconnected.

    Key Products

    • Wallet Platform

      Sending money can be as easy as sending a text, and receiving money as simple as receiving a phone call with the flexible, secure Ericsson Wallet Platform mobile wallet solution.