Ericsson Multi Mediation

    Improve the customer experience with data mediation that ensures that correct and complete data is collected from across the network and processed quickly and accurately.

    Ericsson Multi Mediation Overview

    Mediation is the foundation of all revenue assurance operations and the busiest system within the telecom environment. You simply can’t afford to lose data or to have it corrupted. It must be accurate.

    Ericsson Multi Mediation can help. Its efficient internal process engine always makes sure data is secured at the point it is generated. Nothing is lost or duplicated, so you’re better able to create the right customer experience. It also gives you the big data you need to analyze and understand market and consumer behavior, so you can identify trends and take action.

    With Ericsson Multi Mediation, you have one data mediation environment covering both BSS-related and OSS-related mediation, reducing IT costs and giving you the data you need to provide a consistent, high quality customer experience.

    What is Ericsson Multi Mediation?

    Ericsson Multi Mediation is a convergent data mediation solution handling file, event and online mediation. It collects, transforms and distributes data from your network, making it available for a range of purposes such as charging and billing, service assurance, fraud detection and compiling statistics.

    It also provides post-processing systems with one stable, flexible and uniform interface for online and offline charging data collection – even when the network uses a range of technologies and equipment from multiple vendors. Key features include:

    • Pre-integrated. Ericsson Multi Mediation has been designed, tested and verified for fast deployment with Ericsson equipment, yet also supports equipment from other vendors.
    • Internal process engine. Data is secured at the point where it is generated so nothing is lost or duplicated.
    • Advanced business logic. Shorten time-to-service for new offerings with simplified configuration and automated workflow and reporting capabilities.
    • LTE capabilities. Ericsson Multi Mediation provides out-of-the-box applications for fast solution deployment in key areas such as charging and billing in an LTE environment.

    Why Use Ericsson Multi Mediation?

    Based on more than 15 years of data mediation experience, Ericsson Multi Mediation is stable, predictable and accurate. It is currently used by 280 operators worldwide serving 1.3 billion subscribers. Consider Ericsson Multi Mediation if you want to:

    • Cut costs. Support full BSS transformation or simply consolidate legacy solutions with a converged mediation solution that provides a uniform back-end interface for collection, processing and distribution of charging information.
    • Scale even the most complex services. Driven by mobile broadband and smartphones, our data mediation product currently handles at least 10 billion events each and every day.
    • Gain security, flexibility and control. Bridge the gap between BSS/OSS and the network. Ericsson Multi Mediation is developed in parallel as the network evolves and is optimized to take advantage of new developments in the IT environment.
    • Offer a consistent customer experience. Benefit from one mediation environment that enhances data accuracy and consistency with automatic transformation and delivery of vital information.