Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care

    Service enablement that lets users control their services

    Empower subscribers to control and personalize services from virtually any device with Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care business solution.

    Deliver Greater Control and Better Experiences

    As consumer expectations rise and competition grows fiercer, superior consumer experiences are essential. Subscribers want personalized services. They want more control over what they use and how they use it. To meet demand, operators are racing to get services to market quickly. And they’re differentiating by providing support for these services via a wide range of devices.

    The Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care business solution empowers operators to be available for customers 24/7, offering control, personalization and convenience. It enables visibility across multiple screens, accelerates time-to-market and boosts profitability.

    What is Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care?

    Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care makes it easy to create a branded customer self-service portal that can be accessed from most devices. It is powered by Ericsson’s proven Service Enablement Platform that supports efficient and flexible communication with millions of consumers. This powerful business solution helps operators put consumers in full control of their voice, mobile broadband and other service offerings. The portal can also be used to deliver precisely targeted information, such as new offers or relevant promotions based on customer activity.
    Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care provides operators with features and functionality that include:

    • Consumer. View, update, purchase and monitor personal and offer information.
    • Process. Customers can use the portal for lead to service, service to cash and experience to resolution processes.
    • Functional. Control screens, presentation, personalization and business logic.
    • Interface. Integrate with external systems using pre-verified interfaces, plug-ins and APIs.
    • Flexible tools. Control of customer interaction using embedded service enablement tools and IT/web technologies.

    Why Ericsson?

    Ericsson is your true business partner. With more than 12,000 systems integration experts and a full services portfolio, we provide end to end support for our customers. Our experience spans 170 service delivery platform deployments, and 40 percent of today’s global mobile traffic flows across our networks, serving two billion subscribers.
    The Ericsson Multiscreen Self-Care solution can help you:

    • Deliver superior customer experience. Offer full control and account visibility to consumers by letting them do everything from tracking usage to making changes to their plan.
    • Sell more. Increase revenues by making relevant purchase recommendations and letting consumers buy or top up services.
    • Reduce costs. Provide self-service options that can reduce customer care calls and other operational expenses.
    • Accelerate time to market. Speed availability of new promotions and innovative new offerings, and instantly activate personalized services.