Network Sharing

    The Network as-a-Service value propositions - Small Cell as-a-Service (SCaaS), Managed Rural Coverage (MRC), Backhaul as-a-Service (BaaS) and Network as-a-Service (LTE etc) - provide the most efficient way to extend coverage in cities and (un-covered) rural areas as well as spanning pan-networks, where presence and performance is key to loyalty and new revenues, where limitations such as capex and fiber availability etc. is driving need for OPEX models and alternative technologies to reach the market. The propositions support operators in their go-to-market model targeting and growing new revenue streams, as well as property developers and venue owners in increasing attractiveness and monetization of their assets.

    For SCaaS there are Cisco solutions for WiFi as-a-Service (WiFi aaS), and for Backhaul as-a-Service solutions with Cisco including IP-routing and aggregation, as part of the official Ericsson-Cisco co-operation.

    Network as-a-Service and Network Sharing solutions support operators to reach improved financial efficiencies, based on Ericsson owned and financed solutions as well as 3rd party financed set-ups.

    Service description

    Small Cell as-a-Service
    Operators and property owners are increasing focus on enterprise and indoor connectivity to drive revenue growth. A large part of the mobile traffic growth will be indoor, and the expectations on coverage, voice quality and mobile data performance is rising. Meeting these demands can be challenging, especially in new well-insulated buildings and where parallel deployment of small cells is not feasible or allowed. Small Cell as-a-Service addresses these challenges by enabling new business and go-to-market models, multi-operator solutions and asset monetization in a cost efficient way.

    Managed Rural Coverage
    There are large unserved rural area where coverage build-out is financially challenging. Managed Rural Coverage addresses this challenge by enabling new business models for increased cost efficiency. It is a sustainable solution based on solar panels and satellite links.

    Wholesale Network Sharing
    The Wholesale Network Sharing model is a way for industry players – operators, vendors, investors and regulators – to jointly restructure the ownership of existing and new network infrastructure. This creates an opportunity to realize industry values such as infrastructure capex and opex efficiencies.  


    • Capture revenue growth through as-a-Service go-to-market models
    • Flexible model for fast time-to-market independent on CAPEX restrictions
    • All inclusive as-a-Service model including technology and all related services – provided over long-term service agreement with guaranteed SLA & KPIs
    • Sharing operations and sharing of platforms and nodes - meeting Total Cost of Ownership requirements
    • Sharing commercial risks