Ericsson Service Provisioning

    By taking your entire operation into account and using automated processes, we make your Service Provisioning flow effective in meeting user demand for services in today’s complex networks.

    Solution description

    Our Service Provisioning offering takes an end-to-end approach to managing delivery and activation of services in an environment made increasingly complex by third parties, multiple vendors and multiple technologies. We address both the technology requirements and business operations from process analysis, through solution deployment, to life-cycle management.

    Our focus

    • Improving and automating the order process between the service order management functions and CRM systems, taking into account service activation and service configuration
    • Mapping infrastructure into the service provisioning process to ensure interaction that contributes to an effective provisioning flow
    • Developing flexible, efficient product and service management processes that take into account third-party and partner relationships.

    We begin each service fulfillment project with a careful analysis of your situation and business objectives.

    Shorten time to market

    By automating the service provisioning process, the Service Provisioning solution secures service delivery while reducing your operating expenses.

    The end-to-end business approach contributes to shorter time to market by ensuring all elements of your business are geared toward flexible and efficient product and service management.

    Partnering with us also provides you access to Ericsson’s extensive network knowledge and related systems integration competence, which supports efficient provisioning and, as a result, shorter time to market of more complex services, utilizing the advantages of IMS and all-IP.