Ericsson Traffic Streams QoS

    Traffic Streams QoS identifies traffic behavior, traffic patterns, and quality of service delivery, enabling effective service management.

    Solution descriptopn

    Our Traffic Streams QoS solution measures traffic across multiple-network technologies using non-intrusive probes and network traffic management to monitor performance of voice and data bearer services, as well as messaging and media services. The solution generates information that enables you to:

    • Report on service performance per traffic stream
    • Identify when service objectives are not met and notify the network or service management solution
    • Deliver statistics for the purpose of service level agreement reporting.

    With our Traffic Streams QoS solution, you can measure traffic generated by a group of users using one or more services:

    • Traffic generated by a group belonging to the same company
    • Traffic generated by one type of source toward the same or a different type of receptor (terminal-to-terminal, terminal-to-e-mail, terminal-to-application).

    Valuable measurements

    The monitoring functionality helps you identify where improvements are required and ensures network resources are managed to maximize service delivery. Product management can use the statistics on service uptake, service usage and end-user behavior to develop more appealing portfolios that better suit users and, thereby, increase revenue. By identifying when service objectives are not met and notifying the network or service management solution, and by providing statistics for service level agreement reports, the Traffic Streams solution assists you in identifying and resolving service delivery problems, even before they arise.

    Management solutions with Traffic Streams monitoring have been delivered to a number of our customers for quality assurance in connection with the introduction of a layered architecture in the telecom network.