Ericsson User Data Management

    Providing subscription handling for all the processes related to the privacy, authentication, authorization and mobility management of end users in mobile and converged networks.

    Offering description

    The UDM portfolio is organized in three categories to address specific operator challenges and driving forces:

    • HLR & HSS: State of the art and future proof subscriber management function where the application logic and the database are one to one connected in the same physical node (co-located database). Thus, there is a dedicated and optimized subscriber management for each access & service type. As world leader in subscriber data management, Ericsson HLR&HSS is a future proof investment with a product evolution including the latest platform technology and functionality to address OPEX reduction as well as operators’ need for growth and new revenues.
    • User Data Consolidation – UDC: Ericsson Subscriber Data Management for every service, every access. It provides consolidation of user data for all network functions like user authentication, service authorization, mobility management and fraud protection. Ericsson UDC implements a Layered Architecture solution according to 3GPP by converging CS, PS, EPC, WLAN, M2M and IMS user profile services. UDC supports all access types like 2G, 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi & Fixed IMS.
    • Connecting the cloud: Ericsson provides intelligence in Smart Pipe operators’ networks, allowing operators to implement a two side business model. This area addresses the aggregation and exposure of user data and networks capabilities. Exposing data between operator and OTT /3PP partners will enable new revenues for operators, in the area personalized services, advertising and brokering of data.

    Offering overview

    A wide range of products are available for both Classic and Data-Layered Architectures, including:

    • Home Location Register
    • Authentication Center
    • Home Subscriber Server
    • Subscription Locator Function
    • Centralized User Database
    • Number Portability solution
    • Equipment Identity Register
    • User Profile Gateway

    Key features and characteristics of the offering include:

    • Unlimited scalability to support hundreds of millions of subscribers
    • Geographic redundancy for disaster contingency
    • Efficient handling of user and service information, taking into consideration mobility management, authentication, authorization and privacy
    • Support for data consolidation through centralization and/or virtualization based on customer needs
    • Support for new business models and revenue streams
    • A safe migration path for network modernization and evolution towards next generation networks such as SAE/LTE and IMS.

    Reduce costs and transform the network

    Our solutions are based on the most efficient hardware, easily capacity scale and highest availability. The combination of basic and optional software ensures cost-effective operations and the most sophisticated functionality of the market.

    In particular, the unified approach to data storage provided by the User Data Consolidation solution can result in OPEX savings of up to 40 percent.

    Our User Data Management solutions provide a secure evolution of user data management and service capabilities by reusing existing systems and know-how. This includes all classic products which are fully upgradeable for use in data-layered architecture. Your user data network can therefore smoothly be evolved in line with business requirements.


    User Data Consolidation

    UDC, User Data Consolodation, Subscription Management

    Simplifying the complexity of managing subscription data in modern customer-centric telecommunication networks.


    Centralized User Database

    Laying in the heart of Ericsson’s Data Management solution, the Centralized User Database (CUDB) is a flexible high-capacity, highly robust and high-performance database that consolidates ...

    Home Subscriber Server

    Real-time subscription management for all users subscribing to evolved packet accesses and evolved domains has been made possible with our Home Subscriber Server.  

    Home Subscriber Server Front End

    HSS-FE provides control and intelligence for the user subscription traffic within the EPC and IMS networks. In the data layered architecture, the data store (CUDB) and HSS-FE association manage ...

    User Profile Gateway

    Leverage user data as a business asset and enable more personalized, dynamic services. With focus to provide immediate value to operators based on safe exposure of network data.