Intelligent Transport Systems

    Intelligent Transport Systems integrate connected cars, public transport, and logistics operations, bringing greater safety, efficiency, and sustainability to our roads and railways. Ericsson’s ICT Infrastructure, Traffic Management, and Traffic Transactions enable efficient real-time management, and smart fees and payments for multimodal transport.


    ICT infrastructure for Road & Rail

    Ericsson's offering within transport infrastructure is about bringing all kinds of traffic elements together. Ericsson provides the foundation for connecting everything that moves on roads and ...

    Traffic Management

    Ericsson can connect everything and everyone that moves: cars, trains, buses and goods, even pedestrians and cyclists - with the aim of taking the interaction between all actors to a new ...

    Customer Testimonials

    Volvo bus redefine with real-time traffic management



    Curitiba buses enjoys a public bus system

    Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

    Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are solutions where traffic information is shared between vehicles and infrastructure.