In February 2018 Ericsson and Korea Telecom together with Intel conducted a 5G trial connecting a car to a live 5G network. The trial took place right in the center of Seoul, a capital with 25 million inhabitants. In the dense urban environment 4K video was streamed to and from the car, giving an idea of how 5G will change the experience for car passengers.

The throughput of more than 900 Mbps downlink while simultaneously having more than an impressive 600 Mbps uplink catered for high quality infotainment. Using the 28 GHz band the network connection was stable in the challenging propagation conditions.

The solution uses Ericsson’s 5G radio trial system in conjunction with the Intel® 5G Automotive Trial Platform.

As the time for the first commercial 5G networks are approaching, trials are brought out on the streets to test the real-life situations that will be reality in near future.

Building 5G networks

Ericsson has the experience, skills and solutions to secure a successful 5G transformation and enable you to unlock your full 5G potential.

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Enhanced Mobile Broadband mainly for consumer will be the first application for 5G, improving cost-efficiency and customer experience. 5G also gives operators the possibility tap into new revenue streams addressing the industry digitalization with IoT.

5G deployment considerations

Ericsson’s network technology enables evolution from 4G to full 5G deployment through natural, step-wise implementation that balances investments, revenue streams and competitiveness while minimizing risk. Our paper outlines how. Read the new edition with expanded sections on core network evolution and spectrum strategies.

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