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Leveraging AI, automation and the power of data, the Ericsson Operations Engine is rewriting the rules of network operations. Our customer data-driven insights enable you to analyze, understand, and transform your network like never before, while helping you to reduce costs and time to market for innovative services.

The future runs here

Growth in data traffic and increased device complexity have challenged service providers on all fronts—demanding new levels of customer experience, efficiency, and innovation. Explore how the Ericsson Operations Engine combines advanced components and capabilities to target business outcomes and meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Redefine customer experience in realtime

The Ericsson Operations Engine helps you to deliver a superior customer experience. By combining deep domain expertise with advanced technologies like AI and machine learning, the Ericsson Operations Engine provides the performance, reliability, and flexibility to meet the dynamic needs of consumers and enterprises.

Drive efficiency from the inside out

The exponential growth of connected devices requires networks to operate more efficiently than ever before. The Ericsson Operations Engine harnesses the power of AI, automation, and leading expertise to intelligently monitor and manage networks worldwide—reducing costs, securing assets, and boosting productivity.

Fuel innovation at every level

Unlocking the potential of next-generation technologies like 5G and IoT requires streamlined operations. The Ericsson Operations Engine uses data-driven solutions to design, manage, and optimize networks to create a foundation for innovation. Accelerate the development of new services and enable new revenues now.

Ericsson Operations Engine podcast series

Featuring industry experts and engineers managing the next-generation of networks, Ericsson Operations Engine limited podcast series provides a first-hand look into the operations, customer experiences, and collaborative innovation meeting the challenges of tomorrow.


In 2019, change is coming

The Ericsson Operations Engine is rewriting the rules of network operations through artificial intelligence, automation, and the power of data. It's designed to help operators manage the networks of the future, grow revenue and accelerate service innovation. And that's just the start.
The official launch is set for the Mobile World Congress in February.


Swisscom receives highest score ever recorded in Connect test

Thanks to its partnership with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Swisscom not only won Switzerland's 2018 connect mobile network test but also received the highest score ever recorded in a test of this type – 973 out of a maximum 1,000 points.

Ericsson pioneers machine learning network design for SoftBank

SoftBank Corp. ("SoftBank"), a leading mobile operator in Japan, has implemented an innovative method for radio access network design from Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), based on machine intelligence. The service groups cells in clusters and takes statistics from cell overlapping and potential to use carrier aggregation between cells into account, thus reducing operational expenditure and improving network performance. Compared to traditional network design methods, it cut the lead time by 40 percent.