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Telecom BSS solutions for your evolution to digital

Getting ready for the future means equipping your BSS to lead the way. Evolving your current business support systems helps you execute a fast and effective – yet manageable – progression towards your digital BSS goals.

Digital Monetization Platform

Transform to digital quickly, effectively and with low risk.

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Solution brief: Digital Monetization Platform

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Catalog Manager

Rapidly launch and enable new innovative offerings.


Charge for anything, not just telecom services.

The right telecom BSS for the best digital customer experience

The customer experience must remain a priority as you transform to digital.  Our Digital BSS-focused blog posts can supply the knowledge you need to provide the optimal customer experience, every time.

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Demonstration: How Ericsson Charging delivers 5G use cases

We hope you had the chance to read our recent blog post: "Are you ready for 5G? Ericsson Charging is". The post introduced our recent demonstration at MWC 2019 on Ericsson Charging, as seen through the eyes of the consumer. Now, let's step behind the scenes. We will review the same demonstration, but now from additional perspectives, to understand more of the new capabilities of Ericsson Charging.

Blog post

Are you ready for 5G? Ericsson Charging is

Modern monetization systems are crucial to enable the effective monetization of 5G. With more than 2 billion subscribers worldwide served by our business support systems, we know the value to our customers of a fast and effective—yet manageable—progression towards new goals. At this year's Mobile World Congress, we demonstrated how Ericsson Charging evolves to support 5G use cases.

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New Ericsson Digital BSS products demonstrated at MWC 2019

In November 2018 we announced the new Ericsson BSS strategy with increased investment in our Digital BSS portfolio. At last week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona we were demonstrating the new products arising from that strategy for the first time.

Gartner names Ericsson a Leader in Integrated Revenue and Customer Management again!


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Digital BSS and the case for change

Entel on digital transformation

Working closely with Ericsson, Entel has designed and built a new customer journey while transforming its business with digital BSS.

Telefónica transformed

Telefónica discusses the telecom digitization journey and partnering with Ericsson to move beyond the traditional telecom operating model.

Going for "one click"

How do you create a unique customer experience? Entel pursues a digital transformation that will enable optimized customer interactions.