Debt programs and facilities

    Bond market funding programs (Medium Term Note)


    Euro Medium Term Note program


    USD 5.0 billion


    RBS, Citigroup, HSBC, SEB, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan, Crédit Agricole CIB

    Issuing and Paying Agent

    Citibank N.A

    Offering Circular


    SEC registered program



    SEC Reg. Shelf

    Capital market issuances under the programs.

    ISIN Code Issue Date Out-standing Nominal Amount (million) Currency Coupon Maturity Date – Pricing Supplement
    XS0307504547 2007-06-27 500 EUR 5.375% 2017-06-27
    XS0572564945 2010-12-23 170 USD Private placement, not listed 2020-12-23
    US294829AA48 2012-05-09 1000 USD 4,125% 2022-05-15

    Bank market funding

    Facility Amount Lender Maturity
    R&D project financing. Term loan USD 98m Nordic Investment Bank September 2019
    R&D project financing. Term loan USD 98m Nordic Investment Bank September 2021
    R&D project financing. Term loan USD 684m European Investment Bank November 2020

    Facilities do not include any financial covenants

    Long-term committed credit facilities


    Multi-currency revolving credit facility


    2 billion USD (or equivalent amount in another currency)




    June 2021 (a one-year extension option remains)


    No financial covenants

    On June 8th, 2015, Ericsson entered into a USD 2.0 billion long-term committed credit facility agreement. The USD 2.0 billion facility replaces the previous USD 2.0 billion facility. The facility does not have interest rates linked to credit rating or financial covenants.

    Long-term debt maturity profile

    Long-term debt maturity profile - Q2 2014

    Chart does not include subsidiaries external borrowing (mainly short term loans in regulated markets). Total borrowings are presented in Annual report note c.19 and in the quarterly reports.