Mobile broadband networks, smart devices and apps bring significant benefits for people, business and society. However, operators looking to grasp opportunities in this ecosystem face a number of challenges to driving growth and staying competitive. App coverage provides an integrated approach to these challenges by allowing operators to relate network performance to user experience and to manage it effectively.


Network performance is today the leading factor in the likelihood of a subscriber to recommend a mobile service to others. As a user’s experience of network performance is today directly related to how their apps perform, app coverage therefore becomes a critical link between network performance and subscriber satisfaction.

App coverage can be measured as the probability that a mobile broadband network delivers sufficient performance for a good user experience for a specific app. The app coverage approach enables operators to relate evolving app requirements to network performance in order to deliver the defined user experience.

To deliver the expected performance, a true end-to-end approach to designing, building and running mobile broadband networks will have to be applied. All aspects of network performance – radio network throughput, latency and capacity, as well as the performance of the backhaul, packet core and content delivery networks – need to be considered while identifying improvement areas. Network improvements should start with optimizing the current system before additional network investments are considered.

App coverage – effectively relating network performance to user experience