As operators face ever-increasing demands from subscribers, the ability to deliver a good user experience has never been more crucial as a competitive differentiator. However, operators often struggle to link the subjective perception of services by specific users to KPIs. Knowing which KPIs to prioritize – and where to invest in the networks to optimize user experience and loyalty for a range of consumer segments – has become a common dilemma.


A new methodology shows that it is possible for operators to identify KPIs that are significantly correlated to the mobile service experience of specific consumer segments, and to decide the optimal service levels, or thresholds, for each selected KPI. This information also provides operators with invaluable input with which to invest in customer-experience-driven infrastructure and operations.

With markets and consumer preferences both changing continuously, this methodology should be executed frequently to enable operators to follow up on correlations made, reassess conclusions drawn, and implement corrective or new actions if required.

Translating user experience into KPIs – a new methodology