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Inspiring people at Ericsson Research


Are you curious about what a researcher does and what it takes to become one? Could Ericsson perhaps be an exciting company to work for?

Over the next couple of weeks, we will publish a series of interviews with some inspiring people at Ericsson Research. The interviews were done by our Ericsson Research intern Dennis Thunberg in March of this year, right after the Mobile World Congress.

In this first post, Dennis talks to Yngve Selén, one of our talented research leaders.

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Why we want Calvin available on as many devices as possible

Calvin premier pictureCalvin is an open source, peer-to-peer platform for developing and deploying applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). By having a small piece of software, a runtime, on or near each device in a system, and have the runtime “know” what the device can do, and handling communication, connectivity and security behind the scenes, we leave application developers free to focus on the essence of their application, what it does, rather having to work with all the details surrounding the how.
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ARTEMIS – a parallel and distributed cloud simulation suite


Autonomous control systems can manage the placement of compound virtual services on distributed cloud infrastructure in a quick and efficient way, satisfying all constraints specified by service clients. Development and evaluation of realistic placement solutions requires a test environment that can match the massive scale of a distributed cloud. To support our own research in the field, we have developed Artemis – a parallel and distributed cloud simulation suite that can support massive-scale cloud computing scenarios involving millions of live entities and hundreds of thousands of events per second.
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The Internet is for everyone and we want it to stay that way

Gonzalo Camarillo, head of Data/IT standardization at Ericsson, has been appointed Chairman of the Board of the Internet Society. In the photo, Gonzalo toasts the organization and look forward to supporting an open internet.

During this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Internet Society (ISOC), which took place in June, I was honored to be appointed Chairman of the Board. The ISOC is an international organization whose important activities deserve to be known and supported by the different groups that form the internet community. As chairman, I want ISOC’s activities to be as impactful as possible.
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The Swedish conversation

Almedalen feature

A picturesque Swedish seaside town with medieval roots, cobbled streets, church ruins and stone cottages covered in roses, at the height of summer. Sounds just like the right place to go if you want to meet key government and industry decision makers and influencers to discuss digitalization of industry, 5G, Internet of Things, ICT regulations and the importance of SW competence. No?

Well, that is the sort of thing the Almedalen week in Sweden is about.
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Smart mobility apps for smarter living


Smart cities are growing into bigger ecosystems, which used to be disconnected. Take the transportation of goods and people in big cities – haven’t we all been stuck in slow-moving traffic lanes at one time or another?

Urban transportation can be drastically improved by leveraging the large volumes of sensor data available in today’s cities. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere that can anticipate potential traffic congestion due to road works or the increased demand for busses after a crowded concert?

Ericsson Research’s smart apps target transportation needs in large cities as part of the European Commission’s CityPulse project. Read on to discover all about the Tourism scheduler, Pick-up planner and Dynamic bus scheduler.

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