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Afif Osseiran

Dr. Afif Osserian is Director of Radio Communications at the Ericsson CTO office. He previously managed the EU 5G flagship project, METIS, and was Technical Manager of the Eureka Celtic project WINNER+. Since 1999 he held several positions (including as a researcher) at Ericsson and has co-edited three books, one on 5G and two books om IMT-Advanced.

Afif Osseiran

5G – the book

Our book “5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology” has just been published by Cambridge. This is where you will find a full overview of the 5th generation of mobile communications (5G), including use-cases, spectrum aspects and technologies. Let me share with you the story of this book, which mirrors the journey of 5G to date.

If you are a mobile network operator, a regulator, an industry ICT/IoT technology strategist, or an ICT/IoT researcher, this book will hopefully equip you with an insight into the impact and opportunities of 5G.

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