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Ali Zaidi

Ali Zaidi joined Ericsson in 2014, where he is currently a strategic product manager for Internet-of-Things and Mobile Broadband. In the past, he has worked with concept development and standardization of radio access technologies (NR and LTE-Advanced Pro). His research focuses on mmWave communications, indoor positioning, device-to-device communications, and systems for intelligent transportation and networked control. He holds an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in telecommunications from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Zaidi is currently serving as a member of the Technology Intelligence Group Radio and a member of the Young Advisory Board at Ericsson Research.

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Ali Zaidi

Exploring the magic of mm-waves for 5G

After two years of research in millimeter (mm)-waves, the mmMAGIC EU project in 5G has successfully closed. Researchers in the project developed and designed concepts for 5G mobile radio access technology (RAT) in the 6-100 GHz range and addressed the specific challenges of mm-wave mobile propagation.

The project developed and demonstrated key technical solutions for mm-waves, supporting European industry in driving 5G development with pre-alignment to 5G system design and engagement with standards, regulation and 5G PPP initiatives. Results from the mmMagic project will continue to have a significant impact on standards and regulations. Explore more below:

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Three design principles of 5G New Radio

Robotic surgery, virtual-reality classrooms, self-driving cars, and broadband access everywhere. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what people expect to do with 5G wireless access. 5G New Radio (NR) is designed to be flexible, forward compatible and ultra-lean. Our view is that these design principles are dealmakers to support full range of future applications.

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Developing mmWave mobile radio interface

mmWave mobile communication is challenging due to harsh radio propagation conditions and severe hardware impairments that are experienced at extremely high carrier frequencies and large signal bandwidths. Ericsson Research, in partnership with leading research organizations in Europe, has led the development of radio interface for mmWave mobile communications. Let’s have a look at this innovative design.

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