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Allan Vidal

Allan Vidal is an Experienced Researcher in the Network Architecture and Protocols area at Ericsson Research, Indaiatuba, Brazil. His research interests are in software-defined networking, network management and data plane programmability. Allan received his MSc in Computer Science from Universidade Federal de São Carlos in 2015, and he has previous experience as a researcher and developer from CPqD and Lenovo. He has worked in open source SDN projects such as RouteFlow and libfluid.

Allan Vidal

Next stop: Zero-touch automation standardization

Future telecommunication networks and services will need to take human intervention out of the loop. Zero-touch automation will be imperative to manage increasingly complex networks and short service life-cycles.

In this post we discuss zero-touch network and services automation prospects and introduce the main aspects of the recently started ETSI ZSM standardization group: the organization, status, and the challenges that the ICT industry will face in the pursuit of a truly zero-touch automation of network and services.

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