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Björn Ekelund

Industry veteran with over 30 years in ICT industry and academia. Currently corporate research director responsible for hardware, antenna and IoT research. Has designed, developed, and marketed everything from belt clip pagers to 4G smartphone chips. Passionate about technology but also an avid computer gamer, road bicyclist and ham radio operator.

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Björn Ekelund

Connecting the port of Livorno

Successively more sectors in our society are becoming connected. Mid November, Ericsson participated in taking a major step towards the connected, intelligent sea port; a Plugtest Interop event focused on Intelligent transport systems, and an associated innovation conference – SPIN2016 – in the city of Livorno, Italy. Both activities are part of our 5G initiative in the Tuscany region.

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Internet of Things in mining

As part of our commitment to industry transformation, we in Ericsson engage in projects in many different industries. Maybe contrary to popular belief, mining is an industry with a lot of potential for transformation. ICT can help mining industries improve productivity, safety, work force satisfaction and environmental impact.

Some time ago we wrote about our joint research project on connected mining but we don’t want to stop there.

At this year’s IPSO Challenge in Silicon Valley – by some called “the world championships in connected things innovation” – a smart rock bolt for use in mining caught widespread attention. This innovative product has been developed by a team headed by Associate Professor Jens Eliasson at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and proudly mentored by myself.

So, what is a rock bolt and what’s the big deal about connecting it?

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