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Fredrik Gunnarsson

Fredrik Gunnarsson is an Expert in RAN Automation and Positioning at Ericsson Research, working on research, concept, standardization and realization aspects and holds numerous patents in the areas. He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden, in 2000, where he still holds a position as associate professor. Dr. Gunnarsson is a senior member of IEEE, is an associated editor of IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technology, and one of the organizers of the annual workshop IWSON. He received the Ericsson Inventor of the Year 2013 award.

Fredrik Gunnarsson

Indoor positioning in LTE

Regulatory requirements on emergency call positioning have historically been based on horizontal accuracy for outdoor terminals. However, most emergency calls are made from wireless phones and from indoor locations. Therefore, the American FCC (Federal Communications Commission) launched new requirements in February of this year, to address indoor accuracy requirements in particular. 3GPP, the standardization organization behind LTE, is finalizing a study on how well LTE can meet the requirements in some considered scenarios, and what possible enhancements can be made in future LTE and WCDMA releases.

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