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Jonas Medbo

Jonas Medbo is a senior specialist in applied propagation at Ericsson Research. He joined Ericsson in 1986 as a software engineer. From 1989 he conducted part time particle physics research for his PhD degree which he received in 1997. He rejoined Ericsson in 1997 as a member of the propagation research team. Currently Jonas Medbo is one of the leading radio wave propagation experts worldwide. He has contributed vital parts of important channel models ranging from Hiperlan/2, METIS and mmMAGIC. Recently he has contributed significantly to the 3GPP 5G channel model 38.901, and has been a main driver for new ITU-R propagation models which are critical for IMT 2020 spectrum allocation. In 2012, he and his team won an award for best propagation paper by the premier European conference on antennas and propagation, EuCAP.

Jonas Medbo

Exploring the magic of mm-waves for 5G

After two years of research in millimeter (mm)-waves, the mmMAGIC EU project in 5G has successfully closed. Researchers in the project developed and designed concepts for 5G mobile radio access technology (RAT) in the 6-100 GHz range and addressed the specific challenges of mm-wave mobile propagation.

The project developed and demonstrated key technical solutions for mm-waves, supporting European industry in driving 5G development with pre-alignment to 5G system design and engagement with standards, regulation and 5G PPP initiatives. Results from the mmMagic project will continue to have a significant impact on standards and regulations. Explore more below:

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