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Lukasz Litwic

Dr. Lukasz Litwic is Research Leader of Visual Technology team at Ericsson Research in Stockholm. Lukasz joined Ericsson in 2007 and has worked on various aspects of image processing and video compression research, which formed the foundation of Ericsson real-time broadcast encoding products. Dr Litwic received Master of Engineering degree from Gdansk University of Technology in 2005 and a Ph. D from the University of Surrey in 2015.

Lukasz Litwic

The emergence of the Internet of Skills

A next step in the connected world is to enable any human being to teach, be taught and execute actions remotely. In this way, human skills can be delivered or acquired without any physical boundaries, spreading knowledge globally at a faster and more efficient way. This is commonly referred to as the Internet of Skills and is expected to be a key component of the future digitalized world.

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