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Olof Liberg

Olof Liberg is a Master Researcher at Ericsson. He joined Ericsson in 2008 and has specialized in the design of cellular systems for machine type communications and the Internet of Things. He has over the years actively contributed to the work in several standardization bodies such as 3GPP, ETSI and the MulteFire Alliance. After studies at Uppsala University, Sweden, he received a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics and a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics.

Olof Liberg

The cellular Internet of Things – technologies, standards and performance

With each new generation, cellular systems have evolved to provide support for new services and applications. Currently the fifth generation (5G) radio access network is under development and an important pillar in this project is support for the Internet of Things (IoT). Ericsson has since 3GPP Release 13 contributed to this development with the design of three new technologies for support of massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC). mMTC provides wireless connectivity for large number of network-enabled devices. This work is covered in detail in the recently published book ‘Cellular Internet of Things – Technologies, Standards and Performance’ authored by me and my colleagues Mårten Sundberg, Y.-P. Eric Wang, Johan Bergman and Joachim Sachs.

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