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Paola Iovanna

Paola Iovanna is a Master Researcher at Ericsson Research in Pisa, Italy. She has experience in packet over optical networking, with a special focus on traffic routing, transport network control, and related technologies such as IP/MPLS/Ethernet, WDM and SDN. She leads a research team defining networking and control solutions for 5G transport. She has 20 years of experience in this area, and is the author of more than 70 patents and numerous publications. She joined Ericsson in 2000, after 2 years of work at Telecom Italia as a system engineer for the access network.

Paola Iovanna

How Ericsson and Telefónica built a cutting edge 5G-ready transport solution

Ericsson and Telefónica have together successfully showcased a traffic-agnostic 5G-ready transport solution for both Radio and Fixed Enterprise Access. It is based on Ericsson’s groundbreaking and future-proof eXhaul concept, which allows a wide range of transport technologies, including CPRI, eCPRI and Ethernet, to efficiently and securely share the same physical infrastructure.

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