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Per Skillermark

Per Skillermark is a senior specialist in the Wireless Access research area at Ericsson Research, where he works with development and standardization of IoT radio connectivity solutions. His research interests include design, modeling, and evaluation of wireless communication networks. Previously he worked with radio resource allocation in LTE mobile broadband networks. Per is a member of the Bluetooth Architectural Review Board (BARB).

Per Skillermark

Bluetooth scope widens with mesh specification

Mesh networking via Bluetooth is a long-awaited addition to the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity space. Bluetooth technology is today present in billions of smartphones, tablets and other consumer electronics devices, but the use is limited to local communication. With the Bluetooth Mesh Profile, a wide range of new applications is enabled in residential and commercial building automation markets currently dominated by Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and proprietary technologies. Is Bluetooth Mesh up to the job?

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