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Sandhya Baskaran

Sandhya Baskaran is a Researcher at Ericsson Research, Chennai, India, currently working on Machine Intelligence technologies and IoT. She joined Ericsson in 2013 as a Software Engineer and specializes in the areas of Operating systems and Virtualization. Sandhya holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Technology from Anna University, Chennai, India.

Sandhya Baskaran

Machine Intelligence at the NOC

Network Operations Centers – the centralized monitoring and control stations for telecom networks – primarily deal with fault management and performance management to maintain network efficiency and customer satisfaction. The already high degree of automation in Ericsson’s NOCs is being enhanced using machine intelligence technologies – advanced analytics, deep learning, machine reasoning – to drive intelligent network operations that will enable emerging 5G systems to be highly performant while also being easy to use

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