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Stere Preda

Stere Preda is an Experienced Researcher in Security at Ericsson, Canada. He received his PhD in Computer Science from TELECOM Bretagne, France. Stere’s current research focus is software defined networking and security.

Stere Preda

LURK at the IETF 102

In our previous post, we talked about the role of IETF in shaping the future of the internet and the exciting IETF meeting Montreal will host this summer. One topic we consider important in this context is the design of cryptographic protocols with formal proofs. We believe that formal methods have an important role to play; they should be more systematically applied in standardization to prove important security properties.

One of the items we from Ericsson Research will work on during the IETF 102 is the Limited Usage of Remote Keys (LURK) protocol. Bearing in mind that formal validations are a prerequisite for high levels of security assurance, we design and develop LURK by relying on formal methods to prove security guarantees.

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