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Designing for smarter cities with mixed reality

How can we promote collaborative governance and urban sustainability when planning for the cities of the future?

We believe that mixed reality offers interesting opportunities to engage citizens who are normally excluded from the planning process, and whose participation is important to foster urban sustainability.

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CloudOS: A Gen3 Cloud System Platform

Just like cellular wireless networks, cloud system platforms have gone through several generations. Gen1 lifted server images off hardware servers and plopped them down on virtualized enterprise data centers as VMs. Gen 2 provided complex cloud management stacks with lots of services. Recently, in Gen2.5, container management systems have been layered on top of the cloud management stacks. But one more step is needed to make development and deployment truly easy and data center management radically better.

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Learning things we never knew we never knew

If you watch movies and TV series on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video (to name just a few), you may have noticed that it has been a while since a new paradigm was introduced in terms of how media content is discovered.

A common procedure we follow when looking for something to watch on video-on-demand services is to select a genre and then browse through the titles on display there until you find something you like the look of, right? Then, if there’s nothing there of interest (or you have seen all the movies listed in the genre you chose), you select another genre. And repeat. We’ve all done it.

When video-on-demand services have thousands of titles to choose from, rather than being a way to relax, the search process can become a headache for end users. We wanted to try something a little bit different.

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2017 will be a momentous year for 5G

CTO reflection:
Ericsson has achieved encouraging progress in 5G standardization in 2016, with industry use cases, and live field trials. Big efforts in research and development, but also industry-wide collaborations are behind the fantastic evolution. The movement is set to continue throughout 2017 and our ambition is to be a leader in terms of our contribution to technological innovation as well as aligning the ICT industry.

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HDR signals a brighter future for television

CTO office reflection
Since the commercial introduction of color in the early 1950s, the standards for television have gone through major improvements in terms of image resolution: SD, HD, UHD (4K). Brightness and color, however, have remained at the level of old-style CRT TVs rather than attempting to match the capabilities of the human eye.

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Connecting the port of Livorno

Successively more sectors in our society are becoming connected. Mid November, Ericsson participated in taking a major step towards the connected, intelligent sea port; a Plugtest Interop event focused on Intelligent transport systems, and an associated innovation conference – SPIN2016 – in the city of Livorno, Italy. Both activities are part of our 5G initiative in the Tuscany region.

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Machines – our partners rather than replacements?

The interaction of humans with machines is full of hidden pitfalls. Sometimes machines are seen as dumb because you need to use a strict way of interacting with them, and a slight deviance results in failure or malfunction. Because of that, there is a general fear that machines controlling our environment might result in dangers to our society.

But, what if we were able to have more human-like machines? Ones that understand malformed sentences and ask for more information when required to make a decision?

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