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How Ericsson and Telefónica built a cutting edge 5G-ready transport solution

Ericsson and Telefónica have together successfully showcased a traffic-agnostic 5G-ready transport solution for both Radio and Fixed Enterprise Access. It is based on Ericsson’s groundbreaking and future-proof eXhaul concept, which allows a wide range of transport technologies, including CPRI, eCPRI and Ethernet, to efficiently and securely share the same physical infrastructure.

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LTE-NR tight-interworking and the first steps to 5G

For 5G systems to start delivering value immediately, initial components of the New Radio (NR) technology need to satisfy both urgent market needs – by assisting LTE radio – and the longer-term requirements of 5G. In this context, LTE-NR tight-interworking is one of the most important technology components.

In this blog post, we will explain the concept and describe the key features now being standardized by the 3GPP.

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Managing drone air traffic with network services

In our previous post, we examined the possibilities and challenges of radio connectivity for drones. In our research, we are also looking at various services that the network can provide. Our approach is to design our reference architectures by taking the design of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) architecture from NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US and connecting it to the mobile network services defined by 3GPP.

In this post we will explore a few of the possible services.

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How mobile networks can support drone communication

Mobile networks are uniquely positioned to improve the safety of drone operations and also to enable beyond visual line-of-sight applications. Our particular interest is in low altitude drones, which fly from around 200-400 feet up to 1,000 feet, because this is where existing terrestrial mobile networks are able to provide coverage. We are focusing our work on two aspects:

  • Radio connectivity for drones in order to understand what the issues are, and how we can solve them.
  • How we can support Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS), Traffic Management (UTM) or simply drone traffic management with mobile network services.
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Exploring the magic of mm-waves for 5G

After two years of research in millimeter (mm)-waves, the mmMAGIC EU project in 5G has successfully closed. Researchers in the project developed and designed concepts for 5G mobile radio access technology (RAT) in the 6-100 GHz range and addressed the specific challenges of mm-wave mobile propagation.

The project developed and demonstrated key technical solutions for mm-waves, supporting European industry in driving 5G development with pre-alignment to 5G system design and engagement with standards, regulation and 5G PPP initiatives. Results from the mmMagic project will continue to have a significant impact on standards and regulations. Explore more below:

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ABB and Ericsson establish joint 5G industrial innovation lab

Haptic feedback of remotely operated industrial robots and smart ventilation in a connected underground mine are two examples of research collaborations between Ericsson and ABB. Our two companies have worked together for several years, exploring how to make the most of 5G and cellular technologies in the industry segments where ABB is active. To deepen the collaboration, Ericsson Research and ABB Corporate Research have now established a joint 5G industrial innovation lab.

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