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Smart mobility apps for smarter living

Smart cities are growing into bigger ecosystems, which used to be disconnected. Take the transportation of goods and people in big cities – haven’t we all been stuck in slow-moving traffic lanes at one time or another?

Urban transportation can be drastically improved by leveraging the large volumes of sensor data available in today’s cities. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere that can anticipate potential traffic congestion due to road works or the increased demand for busses after a crowded concert?

Ericsson Research’s smart apps target transportation needs in large cities as part of the European Commission’s CityPulse project. Read on to discover all about the Tourism scheduler, Pick-up planner and Dynamic bus scheduler.

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When the bus catches you

Is a predefined timetable the most efficient way of operating a fleet of different vehicles? Or can we combine several different sources of information to manage public transport in real time?

In this post I’d like to paint a possible picture of the future of public transport, including the technologies that can be applied in realizing it, and I’d like to encourage you, dear reader, to share your comments, opinions and insights on how realistic this vision is!

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Data processing architectures – Lambda and Kappa

What constitutes a good architecture for real-time processing, and how do we select the right one for a project? In two blog posts we will discuss the qualities of the two popular choices Lambda and Kappa, and present concrete examples of use cases implemented using the respective approaches.

In this first post, we describe the two architectures in more detail: their differences, the technologies we can use to realize them as well as the tipping points that will make us decide on using one or the other.

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