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IoT networking – connectivity management

If we want to connect everything, we most likely need a variety of connectivity solutions. In a smart city, everything from trashcans to bus stops will be communicating. All these devices need to be managed. And what happens when a trashcan gets vandalized or a mailbox is moved? In five years there will be 21 billion things connected – and we’re going to need to support that.

Our aim is to make it as simple to connect an IoT device as it is to connect a mobile phone today.

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IoT Networking

IoT networks may be built in different ways. Devices can be directly connected to the 5G system, or they can connect through capillary networks using short-range radio to extend the 5G network reach. For efficient management, different radios need to be served in the same IoT platform. At the MWC we showed how to easily manage different capillary topologies and discuss capillary radios such as Bluetooth Low Energy.

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Evolved Capillary Networks

Short-range radio technologies can be used to connect groups of small devices to the Internet, via capillary gateways and cellular networks. But then, how do we manage the devices in these large scale sensor networks? And what’s the best way to process the data generated by these networks, so we can make use of it for real world actuation?
At the recent Mobile World Congress, we used a model railway with embedded sensors to demonstrate how we address two important aspects of IoT and sensor networks.

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