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Sneak peek into the new Ericsson Garage – Summer in the Labs

Meet students Gerda, Linnea and Sabah. They are working as summer interns at the soon-to-be-opened Ericsson Garage in Lund, Sweden. Read on to find out how they ended up there and who this “Calvin” is that everyone at Ericsson Research is talking about.

Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Follow our blog to learn about the students at Ericsson Research this summer.

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Ericsson Garage Silicon Valley spans the innovation chasm

Ideas for products and services are often successful early on but die a death trying to cross the chasm between the early and mainstream markets. By focusing on the key aspects of the innovation lifecycle during each step, our innovation pipeline is designed to help move seamlessly from early incubation to global scale. The newly opened Ericsson Garage and the Chief Innovation Office in Silicon Valley address this challenge by establishing a framework that spans the whole process – from ideation to market adaption.

Ericsson Garage Silicon Valley – along with a new Experience Center – were officially opened in October 2016. Among early visitors were guests from the Berkeley Innovation Forum, who stepped into the new facility for an interactive and engaging experience, where we introduced the Ericsson Garage and our new corporate innovation process.

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