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LURK at the IETF 102

In our previous post, we talked about the role of IETF in shaping the future of the internet and the exciting IETF meeting Montreal will host this summer. One topic we consider important in this context is the design of cryptographic protocols with formal proofs. We believe that formal methods have an important role to play; they should be more systematically applied in standardization to prove important security properties.

One of the items we from Ericsson Research will work on during the IETF 102 is the Limited Usage of Remote Keys (LURK) protocol. Bearing in mind that formal validations are a prerequisite for high levels of security assurance, we design and develop LURK by relying on formal methods to prove security guarantees.

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Building the Internet of tomorrow @ IETF 102 in Montreal!

In about two weeks, it’s time for the Internet Engineering Task Force 102 meeting in Montreal. The IETF is a large community that aims at making the internet better, and the IETF meeting is a prime opportunity to contribute to building the internet of tomorrow. Even more so since several other, related events are also taking place.

We’ve put together an overview of what will happen and how it all contributes to the internet evolution – with some extra advice to newcomers.

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QUIC – a vehicle for transport protocol evolution

The Internet is evolving from both a usage and connectivity point of view as are the underlying architecture and protocols. The quest for more responsive applications, the emergence of new security and privacy concerns and the web style of design and implementation is impacting everything from ways of working to the delivery and deployment protocols and standards. The QUIC transport protocol is a concrete example of such impact. While the IETF is working on QUIC to create a usable and deployable transport protocol ensuring the protocol evolution, 3GPP is considering using QUIC for the 5G packet core. Hence, QUIC is becoming a vehicle for transport protocol evolution and we are actively contributing to that evolution.

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IETF and 5G

In the IETF, engineers from all around the world meet to discuss and advance technical specifications that will make the Internet work in the future. Some of those technologies will be used in 5G networks, one of the main focus areas for Ericsson. View these videos to find out more about IETF technologies for 5G systems.

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The Internet is for everyone and we want it to stay that way

During this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Internet Society (ISOC), which took place in June, I was honored to be appointed Chairman of the Board. The ISOC is an international organization whose important activities deserve to be known and supported by the different groups that form the internet community. As chairman, I want ISOC’s activities to be as impactful as possible.

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