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Cellular technologies for Industry 4.0 – Ericsson, Fraunhofer IPT and GF at IMTS

The Industrial Manufacturing Show takes place September 10-15 in Chicago. For 90 years, IMTS has been the premier manufacturing technology show in the northern hemisphere with 2000+ exhibitors and over 100 000 visitors. Ericsson will join Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IP and Georg Fischer Machining Solutions to present our joint collaboration on adaptive manufacturing, where production of engine components is optimized in real time.

This is the first time the 5G manufacturing application will be showcased on US soil.

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ABB and Ericsson establish joint 5G industrial innovation lab

Haptic feedback of remotely operated industrial robots and smart ventilation in a connected underground mine are two examples of research collaborations between Ericsson and ABB. Our two companies have worked together for several years, exploring how to make the most of 5G and cellular technologies in the industry segments where ABB is active. To deepen the collaboration, Ericsson Research and ABB Corporate Research have now established a joint 5G industrial innovation lab.

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5G for latency-critical IoT applications

5G not only promises increased data rates but also targets new use cases important to the IoT ecosystem. Therefore, one of its distinguishing features will be the provision of low-latency data communication for machine type applications. We are investigating the use of 5G for latency-critical IoT applications in the collaborative research project, Fast Wireless, a German government funded initiative involving large and small companies, research institutes and universities.

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