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The cellular Internet of Things – technologies, standards and performance

With each new generation, cellular systems have evolved to provide support for new services and applications. Currently the fifth generation (5G) radio access network is under development and an important pillar in this project is support for the Internet of Things (IoT). Ericsson has since 3GPP Release 13 contributed to this development with the design of three new technologies for support of massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC). mMTC provides wireless connectivity for large number of network-enabled devices. This work is covered in detail in the recently published book ‘Cellular Internet of Things – Technologies, Standards and Performance’ authored by me and my colleagues Mårten Sundberg, Y.-P. Eric Wang, Johan Bergman and Joachim Sachs.

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Smart Contracts for Identities

In the digitally connected world of Internet-of-Things (IoT), secure identities are crucial to achieve trustworthy generation and management of information. When facing tens of billions of devices, though, we can no longer rely on the means for managing devices and identities that are used today, where a substantial amount of manual intervention is required.

In our latest post in a series on secure identities, we will talk about smart contracts and digital identities and show how identity brokering facilitates identity and trust management for IoT devices.

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Sneak peek into the new Ericsson Garage – Summer in the Labs

Meet students Gerda, Linnea and Sabah. They are working as summer interns at the soon-to-be-opened Ericsson Garage in Lund, Sweden. Read on to find out how they ended up there and who this “Calvin” is that everyone at Ericsson Research is talking about.

Students from many different fields join Ericsson Research for internships or thesis work. You could be next. Follow our blog to learn about the students at Ericsson Research this summer.

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Secure brokering of digital identities

Secure digital identities are critical to achieving trust in our increasingly connected world – both for sending and receiving information but also to manage the devices. As the number of mobile devices enters the billions, we can no longer manage devices the way we do today, with a lot of manual intervention required.

In this post, we examine digital identities and offer a glimpse into how an Ericsson Research solution dynamically controlled access to WiFi networks by combining traditional identity management for SIM cards with blockchain-based management of device identities.

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Context-aware adaptation in IoT-based systems

Analysts predict the emergence of as many as 26 billion connected devices by 2020. The unprecedented scale, mobility and heterogeneity of IoT-based systems is mandating a fundamental change in the way they operate. It is our belief that to be sustainable and cost-effective, these systems must be autonomous and automatically adapt to dynamic changes in context, while ensuring that the IoT-based system delivers on user requirements.

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5G teleoperated vehicles for future public transport

When autonomous mode fails, or human assistance is required in a complicated scenario like road blocked due to accident or work, the ability to monitor and remotely operate a driverless vehicle becomes crucial. In this post, we discuss Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the significant roles cellular networks can play.

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