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Designing for smarter cities with mixed reality

How can we promote collaborative governance and urban sustainability when planning for the cities of the future?

We believe that mixed reality offers interesting opportunities to engage citizens who are normally excluded from the planning process, and whose participation is important to foster urban sustainability.

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Smart mobility apps for smarter living

Smart cities are growing into bigger ecosystems, which used to be disconnected. Take the transportation of goods and people in big cities – haven’t we all been stuck in slow-moving traffic lanes at one time or another?

Urban transportation can be drastically improved by leveraging the large volumes of sensor data available in today’s cities. Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere that can anticipate potential traffic congestion due to road works or the increased demand for busses after a crowded concert?

Ericsson Research’s smart apps target transportation needs in large cities as part of the European Commission’s CityPulse project. Read on to discover all about the Tourism scheduler, Pick-up planner and Dynamic bus scheduler.

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IoT networking – connectivity management

If we want to connect everything, we most likely need a variety of connectivity solutions. In a smart city, everything from trashcans to bus stops will be communicating. All these devices need to be managed. And what happens when a trashcan gets vandalized or a mailbox is moved? In five years there will be 21 billion things connected – and we’re going to need to support that.

Our aim is to make it as simple to connect an IoT device as it is to connect a mobile phone today.

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5G – the book

Our book “5G Mobile and Wireless Communications Technology” has just been published by Cambridge. This is where you will find a full overview of the 5th generation of mobile communications (5G), including use-cases, spectrum aspects and technologies. Let me share with you the story of this book, which mirrors the journey of 5G to date.

If you are a mobile network operator, a regulator, an industry ICT/IoT technology strategist, or an ICT/IoT researcher, this book will hopefully equip you with an insight into the impact and opportunities of 5G.

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Narrowband IoT standardization soon finalized

A new NB-IoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) standard will get us a radio technology that supports massive deployment of IoT devices. It will meet tough requirements on low device complexity and very low battery consumption, as well as extend the coverage range substantially compared to other 3GPP technologies.

Last week, about 40 participants from several companies attended the 3GPP RAN4 meeting in Kista, Sweden with the objective to advance the NB-IoT standard.

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